At Salt Water and Sea Stars, we love a good story.

When we first opened shop in 2014, our vision was to not only create beautiful, lasting jewelry, but to assist in translating memories into wearable, tangible pieces. Throughout the years, we have heard countless special stories of all genres; family, perseverance, graduations, weddings, pets, high and lows, love and loss. The more people we met, the more we realized there was so much more to what we were doing than simply stamping and stringing.



 Our jewelry is creating to last many lifetimes; holding is original beauty while being passed down to new generations; being worn close to new hearts with the amazing gift of being a piece of another’s story. We want you to be a part of creating your piece. After all, you are the author of your unique, wild, beautiful story.  

Every chapter, every sentence, every word. 
Own it. Wear it proudly.